Jess believes there is a yoga practice for each person.  She offers classes with detailed instruction in how to build the foundation in each posture.  Jess has taught kids, adults, mamas-to-be and new mamas; she knows first-hand how yoga during and after pregnancy can be supportive and nourishing on the journey of “mamahood.”

Jess also offers guided meditation instruction in both yogic and buddhist traditions.  She leads a free weekly lovingkindness practice for beginners and experienced students. 
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She has a guided lovingkindness meditation as well as a meditation for parents (when those tough moments arise)
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Jess endeavors to share how to incorporate yoga, breath, and mindfulness meditation techniques in daily living, which can be of immense benefit to bring more groundedness and ease.  Her classes are adapted to the individual, as each individual, has unique needs and goals.

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Jess Ergener